Quick Dissolve

Introducing Fine Grain Sugar that comes with same purity and hygiene that you’ve come to expect from Madhur, but only faster! Optimised to attain a grain size that makes blending smooth, easy and quick even in cold beverages. With Fine Grain Sugar, Madhur Sugar’s sweetness isn’t just safer but faster as well!

Why Choose Fine Grain Sugar?

  • Quick Dissolve

    Quick Dissolve

    Fine Grain Sugar has been optimised for quicker blending after rigorous testing! Your favourite sugar now dissolves faster as well.

  • Untouched By Hands

    Untouched By Hands

    Superior hygienic conditions and a state-of-the-art refinery ensures each crystal is 100% hygienic when packed.

  • Safed

    5S Guarantee

    Fine Grain Sugar comes with Madhur's 5S Guarantee that promises consistent quality, pure sweetness and makes one of the safest food ingredients in the market!

  • Sulphur Free Process

    Sulphur-free Process

    Relish your favourite desserts without worrying about health and sugar turning yellow.

  • Surakshit


    State-of-the-art technology ensures that no hands touch the sugar till it is packaged!

  • Safed


    Experience clean and sparkling white crystals that add pure sweetness to your food!

  • Shuddh


    Madhur Sugar's perfect refining makes it pure as well as the first preference of famous chefs & dessert brands!

  • Samaan


    Witness desserts being relished with love. Purity & consistency in grain size & taste makes Madhur Sugar a perfect choice!

Pristine sweetness packaged for you

Our food reflects the sweetness that is inside us. That is why we, at Madhur, strive hard to make sure that the sweetness is retained in its purest form in our sugar.

Madhur Fine Grain Sugar is Untouched By
Hands & Offers More Than Just Quick Dissolve!

  • Sparkling White Grains

    Sparkling White Grains

  • Made From Superior Sugarcane

    Made From Superior Sugarcane

  • Hygienic & Dust-free

    Hygienic & Dust−free

  • Latest DRP Technology

    Latest DRP Technology

  • Retains Natural Sweetness

    Retains Natural Sweetness

  • 100% Pure

    100% Pure

  • Consistent Size of Grains

    Consistent Size of Grains

  • Pristine Refining