Why Choose Sugar? The 5S Guarantee

  • Sulphur Free Process

    Sulphur-free Process

    Relish your favourite desserts without worrying about health and sugar turning yellow.

  • Surakshit


    State-of-the-art technology ensures that no hands touch the sugar till it is packaged!

  • Safed


    Experience clean and sparkling white crystals that add pure sweetness to your food!

  • Shuddh


    Sugar's perfect refining makes it pure as well as the first preference of famous chefs & dessert brands!

  • Samaan


    Witness desserts being relished with love. Purity & consistency in grain size & taste makes Sugar a perfect choice!

Loose Sugar

  • Exposed to dust and pollution
  • Contamination by insects and pests
  • Contains Sulphur which turns it yellow
  • Handled and touched by unclean hands

Product Pack

  • High-quality packaging to keep it safe
  • Zero chances of contamination by insects or pests
  • Made from a sulphur-free process, remains sparkling white
  • Processed automatically and untouched by hands

About Madhur Sugar

Sugar is India’s leading sugar brand which provides pure and hygienic sugar to its customers. At , we believe the world is a really joyful place and we celebrate it. Let's all share the sweetness! Switch to for pure, untouched, superior refined sugar made from a sulphur-free process.

Madhur takes pride in bringing purity
and well-being to you and your family

  • Sparkling White

    Sparkling White

  • Made From Superior Sugarcane

    Made From Superior Sugarcane

  • Free From Dirt

    Free From Contamination

  • 100% Pure

    100% Pure

  • Untouched By Human Hands

    Untouched By Human Hands

  • Sulphur-free Process

    Sulphur-free Process

  • Natural Sweetness

    Natural Sweetness

Introducing, Madhur Fine Grain Sugar

Enjoy all the goodness & 5S Guarantee of Madhur Sugar, now with Quick Dissolve in Madhur Fine Grain Sugar

  • Quick Dissolve

    Quick Dissolve

  • Safed

    5S Guarantee

  • Untouched By Hands

    Untouched By Hands