The Brand

Madhur sugar is pure, hygienic and meets international standards. It is available in small and medium crystal sizes packed in 1kg and 5kg quantity.

Madhur has brought together knowledge of sweetening passion to develop a product that is 'untouched by hand' for the consumers.

From the morning cuppa, the favourite cake and the special recipe, we make it better. No matter what the occasion is we are there with a brand you know and trust.


Natural Sweetness: Madhur is made from superior quality sugarcane.

Sulphur Free Processing: Stringent quality control and sulphur- free refining process ensure that the sugar you use is absolutely pure and healthy for consumption.

Consistent Quality: Madhur crystals are refined, sparkling white and moisture free, thereby making it easy to dissolve.

Advanced Production Technology: Our sugar is manufactured, packed, stored and shipped in a state- of-the-art refinery that complies with International Standards. The superior hygienic conditions ensure an end product that is untouched by hand and is free from impurities.