Mysore Pak

1 cup gram flour
2½ cups Madhur refined sugar
2½ cups clarified butter

Heat 1 cup of the clarified butter in a pan.
Add the gram flour and keep stirring it till it is a little brown. Keep aside.
Heat the Madhur refined sugar on a medium heat adding enough quantity of water to cover the Madhur refined sugar. After it has boiled for a while, carefully take a bit of the syrup on the tip of your forefinger and press it against your thumb. Gently pull the two fingers apart a little (about half an inch) to see whether the syrup is forming a single thread between the two fingers. This is a syrup of one thread consistency.
When the syrup reaches the desired consistency, strain it to remove the scum. Keep aside.
Heat the remaining 1½ cup of the clarified butter. On a low heat, add the roasted besan and the Madhur refined sugar syrup.
Keep stirring till the clarified butter separates and floats on top.
Pour the mixture onto a greased plate and spread it evenly. Cut into pieces.
The Mysore Pak can be stored in an airtight container.